Postnatal Pilates Classes with Babies

This class is specifically designed for new mums who find it difficult it leave the house to attend a class alone. Whether you have an evening of cluster feeds or struggle to get childcare this class could be just for you. 

The class will focus on rebuilding strength through pilates including tummy muscles and pelvic floor. Your tummy will be checked to see if there are any specific issues which need to be addressed. Some mums can develop a diastasis which is sometimes crudely described as a separation of the soft tissue where your tummy muscles meet in the middle. Care needs to be taken in the restoration of your tummy especially if a diastasis is present or you have had a caesarean.

If you are a keen sports person, avid gym goer or a mum that want to be able run around after their kids without getting aches, the class will be suitable for you.

The class will provide many other benefits such as helping to restore good postural alignment which may have been affected during pregnancy. This will help to any of those postnatal niggles such as back ache as well as naturally encourage a flatter tummy! We must not forget the benefit of exercise in releasing endorphins (happy hormones!) which can help you cope with the craziness involved with being a new mum!

This class is designed for mum’s whose babies are not yet mobile and are happy to play on a mat or any seating you wish to bring to class (bumbo, bouncer etc). We will not be using your babies during exercise as I do not feel this is either safe or ethical but they can be close enough for you to entertain and play with while you work. My aim is that the class will be fun yet safe and effective and for that reason the class size will be limited to 6 mums.


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