Postnatal Pilates Classes

Mums are often very keen to get back in to shape following the birth of their babies. However, rushing back or doing the wrong type of exercise risks injury to your joints, pelvic floor muscles and abdominals. During pregnancy, the muscles that normally support your back and pelvis will have stretched and weakened. Due to all the feeding, nappy changes and playing with your baby your neck and shoulders may also become rounded. Pilates can help combat all these problems allowing you to enjoy your time with your new baby. You will benefit with a stronger pelvic floor, improved posture, a more supported spine and pelvis, as well a more toned body.

Postnatal Pilates is safe, it can be started relatively early in the postnatal period and can accelerate your postnatal recovery. It is advisable to wait until after your 6 week check if you had a vaginal delivery or 12 weeks after caesarean before joining a class. One to one sessions are possible earlier than this to give a more tailored assessment and return to activity- this gives a good head start to those wishing to attend class and can highlight any issues early on.

Those of you who are wanting to return to more vigorous exercise need to build strength before embarking on high impact exercises such as running or circuit type training. This can help prevent injury or pelvic floor problems further down the line. Pilates is perfect for this and having specialist training, Physiotherapists can guide you safely back to what you were doing before pregnancy.

If you are new to Pilates by Physio an assessment form must be completed prior to commencing the course. This will ensure the instructor is fully aware of all aspects of your pregnancy, labour and birth. Your tummy muscles will be checked in class for any separation of the central soft tissues (Diastasis rectus abdominus). This is common in pregnancy and for most women will heal by itself. Extra care is needed when exercising to allow this diastasis to heal this will be covered in class. Occasionally 1-1 assessment and treatment will be required to provide a specific home exercise plan to help more stubborn tummy separation of pelvic floor issues heal.

We offer classes where you can escape the baby chaos in the evening. These are for mum’s only. We also appreciate the many evening cluster feeding or maybe bedtime is a struggle, so we have a daytime class for Mum and baby. These classes are smaller, and we try to have an extra pair of adult hands onboard to keep babies entertained whilst you exercise. As a result, these classes are slightly more expensive. Both classes will give you expert Physio-led postnatal rehabilitation in the form of Pilates.

With changes that occur during pregnancy we believe that once you are postnatal, you are always postnatal. With this in mind, there is no timescale as to when you can attend the classes (apart from the early postnatal phase). If you have ongoing pregnancy related issues (pelvic floor or diastasis), you are welcome in the postnatal class at any stage post pregnancy, we have had ladies join us several years after birth. The only thing we request is that babies in the daytime class are not yet mobile.


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