During the COVID pandemic we evolved seamlessly to providing our classes via zoom virtual services. These classes continued to offer the same level of care as our group session did in person. We have chosen to continue this as it offers people more flexibility and many clients have enjoyed doing their classes at home. Maybe you travel to a second home regularly or have kids at home with minimal back up childcare. As long as you have internet provision, and a suitable device (laptop, tablet, phone) you can log on to your class wherever you are. These classes will always be at the same time/day each week and are also booked in 6 week blocks.

There is an option with these sessions to subscribe to our vast library of pre-recorded classes. This will allow you to do Pilates as many times as you want and there are specific classes for different body parts or focusing on certain topics like relaxation, balance, running, HIIT Pilates etc. There are also longer and shorter sessions to help prevent time being a barrier to practice. You can then create your own bespoke repertoire at home to maximise results.

Pre-recorded classes

During the COVID pandemic many clients wanted to continue their Pilates practice and either, were not confident with technology, or didn’t want to be tied to a specific day / time. This is when our pre-record subscription was born! Giving you the ability to do Pilates any time, anywhere. There is a vast array of classes in the library. They are of varying durations so you can still practice if you are time poor. There are a mix of different classes including those with and without equipment, specifically for certain body parts. There are many themes, including classes for runners, relaxation, stretching, desk workers etc. There are some educational talks too.

At least one new recoding will be added every week so the library will continue to grow. Rather than a 6 weekly block booking system, this subscription is based around a monthly payment. We are happy to take requests on themes for these recordings so you can have something on there specific to your needs. There are most probably other people wanting a similar topic to be covered.

Whilst these are still Physio-led Pilates sessions they are not suitable with anyone who has an unstable conditions or severe pain. You should seek advice from your GP to fully ascertain if doing online classes with no direct supervision is suitable for you. You will still be required to complete an online assessment form and we urge you to put detailed information on any injury or medical condition. We will use this to screen your suitability for the recorded classes.

We also offer you the prerecords at a discounted price if you are attending classes. This way you will be able to do Pilates several times per week. It is recommended that to get the maximum benefit you should do Pilates twice a week. This fits in with heavily research backed guidance, that everyone should do 2 strength classes per week plus 150 mins of cardiovascular exercise (something that gets your heart rate high enough to make you out of breath). Pilates is classed as strength exercise.


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