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These sessions are designed for those who want to try to prevent injury or improve core strength, spinal stability, posture, flexibility and muscle tone. In order to do everyday tasks, it is important to have a strong centre, your core muscles are like your body’s foundations. If they are weak then your body will find it more difficult and inefficient to do things like lifting, walking, running and playing sport. You may become more susceptible to injury. Core muscles are essential in all sporting activities and having a strong base on which you move can improve your performance in all activities.

Classes are graded into mixed ability (which is suitable for beginners), intermediate, and advanced.

The mixed ability class is suitable for those who are new to Pilates or have ongoing clinical need (see clinical Pilates). The advantage with Pilates By Physio is the extra knowledge we bring to the classes regarding musculoskeletal problems such as knee, shoulder, back and neck pain. Some clients stay in this class to keep on top of any aches and pains, others prefer to move through the levels, onto the intermediate and advanced classes. Safety is the key and the instructors will guide you as to when you are safe to move to the intermediate class should you wish to do so. As the class numbers never exceed 12 clients, there is still lots of scope to tailor the exercises to suit everyone’s ability.

Intermediate class is for those who have gained the appropriate level of strength and control in the beginners and wish to be challenged further. This class is ideal for people who are interested in sporting activity and are trying to avoid injury and improve performance with a stronger core. If you have attended Pilates elsewhere and would like to join the intermediate class, we may ask you to complete at least one block of Mixed ability. There is a huge variety in quality of teaching in the Pilates world, and we have found that clients who have practiced Pilates elsewhere haven’t always been taught the basics of alignment and technique. Once we are happy you have this, then we can expediate you into a higher-level class.

The advance class builds on the strength and skills learnt in the other classes but incorporates much more challenging exercises.

There is an option with the group classes to subscribe to our vast library of recorded classes. This will allow you to do Pilates as many times as you want and there are specific classes for different body parts or focusing on certain topics like relaxation, balance, running, HIIT Pilates etc. There are longer and shorter sessions to help prevent time being a barrier to practice. You can then create your own bespoke repertoire at home to maximise results.


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