Cancer Rehabilitation

There is a plethora of research supporting the positive impact that tailored rehabilitation can have at all stages of Cancer Treatment. Right from diagnosis through to end of life care. Pre-habilitation (Physio before any Cancer treatment begins) can improve surgical outcomes and reduce side effects from certain treatments. Exercise throughout chemo and radiotherapy can help manage fatigue and rehabilitation after all forms of treatment can improve outcomes and very importantly reduce the chance of recurrence of Cancer.

Despite the vast amount of evidence, sadly the services available to patients, whilst improving, aren’t at the level they should be. Michelle is a clinical specialist in the area of oncology and palliative care and Debs is a has completed specialist Cancer rehabilitation training through Pinc and Steel. We are delighted to be able to offer specialist Cancer rehabilitation via 1-1 sessions and when we feel you are ready, you can graduate into our classes.

A thorough assessment will be completed to ensure a bespoke treatment plan is created, this may be a mixture of exercise, hands on treatment and or advice. Cancer care is an extremely complex area and everyone will have different needs. These can be addressed in the one to one sessions. Many people feel like they simply must put up with the side effects of Cancer treatment, but this is not always the case. We can treat scars and joint restrictions, improve flexibility and strength, help you pace your activities so fatigue does not rule your life. Giving you resilience and empowerment to deal with whatever Cancer throws at you.


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