Client Testimonials

Below are some of the kind words I have received from clients in recent times…

Sarah Fox, 17 Weeks Pregnant…


One of my work colleagues passed me the details for Debs’ antenatal Pilates classes when I was around 17 weeks pregnant. Since then I have done 3 six week blocks of the classes and I haven’t looked back!


I am so glad I went along to the weekly classes. Debs makes sure to send you plenty of information about the classes and exercises before you even go along to the first class so you feel ready to go when you arrive. The classes are only small too (approximately 8 people max) so you really feel like you are getting a one to one class as Debs has time to focus on everyone individually.


I had never tried Pilates before but thought I would give it a go. It’s something I would love to do again. I’m just hoping there’s enough time when baby comes to fit in the postnatal classes too!


Debs will always make sure that everyone is very comfortable with all of the exercises and she will adapt each one appropriately for you if you have any aches and pains. She has such a huge knowledge base and many exercises for you to try which can also be practised at home.


I can’t thank Debs enough for looking after me over the past 18 weeks and I now feel much stronger and more confident about labour. We even had a chance to relax at the end of each session (we just had to try not to get so relaxed that we fell asleep!). Don’t worry though as Debs will make sure you work hard enough during the rest of the class!


I would definitely recommend this class to all my pregnant friends


Thanks again Debs
Sarah Fox xx

Gill, “Great Fun”


The Ante-natal pilates classes were great for working on strength and core stability while allowing for the changes of pregnancy. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly so no pressure to get it right every time! Great fun. I’ll definately be signing up for the post-natal sessions.


Gill, Thingwall



After completing 2 six week blocks of antenatal Pilates, I cannot recommend this course highly enough.


I thoroughly enjoyed every session & feel that they have hugely contributed towards a easy pregnancy & have resulted in me feeling physically, psychologically & emotionally prepared for labour & the birth of my baby.


For someone who lacks co-ordination & rhythm, I found the exercises clear & easy to follow. I certainly felt the benefits & hope that I looked like I had made some progress by the end of the courses!


Debs is the optimal instructor, her knowledge & experience is clearly evident in every aspect & she co-ordinates the classes with great professionalism, yet ensuring a fun, relaxed, informal & friendly environment.


A huge thanks Debs, your input has been such a special & valuable part of my pregnancy & I look forward to undertaking the postnatal course!


Lindsey. Bebington

Min 2017


Debs is a physio who certainly knows her stuff- not just for new mums but for everyone!


Pilates is great exercise and Debs makes sure all exercises are adapted if you have particular injuries or problems following surgery. She has helped me a lot.


I highly recommend her classes – she and her team are great!

Elina 2018


I enjoyed every pilates session.


It helped me having a good posture during my pregnancy and not getting any back pain.


Keeping active and working out helped me having an easy and smooth pregnancy! I totally recommend the Pilates by Physio!

Jenny 2018


I cannot recommend Debs classes highly enough. Postnatally I have been suffering terribly with a diastasis recti and a weak core, but week by week I can feel improvement and strength of which I know I would not have been able to achieve without this wonderful lady. Each class is different and varied and uses a variety of techniques and equipment to work specific areas. There are also different levels to work to depending on ability which I find really helpful. Deb takes time to assist you in class by altering your position if needed to ensure you get the very best out of each and every session! It’s amazing what we fit into an hour session and I thoroughly enjoy going each week. The knowledge and expertise Debs offers is priceless! I don’t think I will be giving up these sessions any time soon.

Neil 2018


I have been attending Debs classes for 5 months now, they were recommended to me by a friend who had been doing Pilates by physio after having a baby.


I am a 54 year old builder and have been suffering with a bad back on and off for about 9 years.


I had a couple of one to ones with Debs and then started her weekly classes. Since I started back in June my back has never felt so good the classes definitely work.


People seem to think Pilates is for female’s, not at all sometimes the class is split 50-50.


I think it is tremendous that Debs is going into Pilates for male cancer rehabilitation and wish her all the very best with it.


I would recommend Debs classes and Pilate by physio to anyone.

Kelly-Marie 2018


Debs Antenatal classes are really excellent. If I have an ache or pain at the beginning of the week my class on a Tuesday sorts it out through the variety of movements and stretches we do during class. The classes are 100% geared to the muscles that are used and strained during pregnancy and Debs is extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does

Rebecca 2017


I’ve been going to Maddie’s antenatal class in Heswall on a Wednesday evening from wk 17 of my pregnancy (35/36wks now and hope to carry on until I drop!) and I absolutely love them! Maddie is a fantastically knowledgeable and supportive teacher, who ensures we have a really challenging but safe workout each week. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to remain as fit and active as I have done during my pregnancy were it not for this class. It’s also been a brilliant way to meet other new mums-to-be in the local area. I couldn’t recommend these classes highly enough!

Amy 2017


Maddie’s class is absolutely fantastic! She’s so knowledgeable in this field. She is really welcoming and creates such a relaxing environment. She is there to answer questions and give advice. If you want safe and enjoyable pilates this is your class!

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