About Pilates – The Method & Benefits

Pilates: The Method


Pilates was developed in the 1900’s by German born Joseph Pilates. He fought asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a child using exercise as his treatment of choice. By his teens he excelled in skiing, diving and gymnastics. During World War 1 he used his love of exercise to get bed ridden patients moving in hospital. It was soon evident those doing Josephs exercises were getting better faster. Soon Joseph was developing these progressive exercises for dancers and then the wider population and so Pilates was born.

Pilates: APPI Method


There are many different Pilates institutes. APPI method is modified Pilates evidence based and designed by Physiotherapists specifically for use in the rehabilitation setting. This varies from people with low back pain to elite sports men and women wanting to improve their performance. The APPI have used the traditional Pilates exercises and broken them down to create exercises that are safe and suitable for specific populations. Some examples are pregnant ladies, rugby players, back pain sufferers, multi-trauma victims, and skiers. This is a small example, if you are unsure if Pilates will benefit you why don’t you contact us.

Pilates: The Benefits


Pilates works the deep core stability muscles. These muscles create a secure background on which our movement muscles work to allow us to do things like walking and making a cup of tea to playing rugby or going for a run. Often, because of poor posture, a repetitive movement through work, hobby or sport, pregnancy or injury, there can be an imbalance between these muscle groups. If the stability muscles are not working well the movement muscles can try and take on the stability role as well as their own. This can result in pain and stiffness.


Through Pilates you can rebalance your body by reactivating these core stability muscles and improve posture and flexibility. When you have a stronger core you can move in a more efficient way, possibly shaving time off your personal best or just making it a little easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Joseph Pilates

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