Classes and 1-1 sessions teaching all
abilities, antenatal, postnatal and Children.

Physiotherapists have an in depth
knowledge of the workings of the human
body. Physiotherapy and Pilates go hand
in hand when it comes to making bodies
stronger, more efficient, and balanced
thus creating a better version of you!
Pilates taught by experienced
Chartered Physiotherapists
Mums are often very keen to get back in
to shape following the birth of their babies.
However, rushing back or doing the wrong
type of exercise risks injury to your joints,
pelvic floor muscles and abdominals. In
addition, the postnatal period involves
much feeding...
Get back to shape &
strengthen muscles
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A form of dynamic stabilisation retraining
that reconditions the body from the central
core to prevent the recurrence of and treat
a range of postural, musculo-skeletal and
neurological conditions.
Pilates for back and
joint pain
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These sessions are designed for those
who want to improve core strength, spinal
stability, posture, and flexibility and
muscle tone. In order to do everyday
tasks it is important to have a strong
centre, your core muscles are like your
body’s foundations.
Pilates for fitness
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Pilates by Physio Wirral

Pilates by Physio


Pilates is taught by experienced chartered Physiotherapists and offers a variety of classes including Antenatal, Postnatal, Fitness and Clinical. We will soon be introducing children’s classes.



Exclusive to the Wirral we have classes in Heswall, West Kirby, Hoylake, and Greasby. We also offer one to one home visits and classes for all abilities.

Joseph H. Pilates

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